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Preview page orientation with RTL language in Custom pages

RTL language in Model-driven app

In model-driven app, if the user set their personal language option as Right-to-Left (RTL) languages, app automatically flip its page orientation RTL reflecting user preference.


Interestingly, Not only built-in Table&Form or Dashboard page, Custom pages which is based on canvas apps also flip the orientation with RTL language.

For canvas app makers so far, it has been hard task to support both LTR and RTL languages due to app studio does not support to simulate RTL orientation.

Preview feature : Enable RTL testing in preview

On latest Power Apps studio for custom pages with version v3.21114.18.206909464, New preview feature is available - "Enable RTL testing in preview".


When turn on the feature, maker can preview both LTR and RTL screen orientation in Power Apps studio.


This will improves maker experience where they build the app supporting broad type languages!!

The feature is not available in standalone canvas app as of latest studio version.