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Listing All Power Apps functions


Power Apps is supporting over 100 functions in canvas app studio, and is officially listed below:

This is official list, however, we sometimes would find undocumented functions in studio - such as RandBetween, ScanBarcode are not listed in above.

In this post, I will show how to list all Power Apps functions including undocumented one.

Power Apps suggests functions based on input

When you input some text to formula bar, Power Apps immediately display candidates of functions based on your input text.


At this point, if you use your browser's developer tools to capture the network, you will find "suggest" API is called with your input text.


This is the key to make a list of entire functions in Power Apps studio, if we merge the obtained suggestions for inputs from A to Z, we can list all the available functions.

Flow to make a list

Power Automate helps to perform API call iteratively with various input A-Z, filter result, and merge them into a single array.

Main part of the flow is in below, "Apply to each" runs with ["A",....,"Z"] array, and call API with some important headers - authoringsessiontoken and x-ms-session-state.


Finally, you can make csv file to store data or display all functions in Power Apps.


This flow is available in Community cookbook.

Retrieve All Power Apps functions - Power Platform Community


  1. This flow / API call is available when you open Power Apps studio. Once the studio is closed, session token and session-state will be expired, so I couldn't fully automate generating the list.
  2. Request URL does depend on region of your environment and authoring version of studio.
  3. This method is not officially supported due to use of unsupported API.