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Sending Flow bot message from Power Automate to group chat/meeting chat

Around the beginning of June, the post message action in Power Automate through the Teams connector was updated to allow you to send messages to group chats.


The action requires the ID of the group chat or the ID of the meeting, but even if I specify this, I get an error with the following message😔


Actually, Flow bot is not member of this group chat, So how do we send a message to group chat from Power Automate as Flow bot??

The answer is to add Power Automate to your group chat or meeting!

With the update to the Power Automate app within Teams, we've added Group Chat and Meeting to the list of options for app location (it was previously only User app or Channel tab).


When you choose "Add to a chat" or "Add to a meeting", Power Automate app will ask you which group chat, meeting, OR 1:1 chat with anyone.


Once Power Automate app is added to chat or meeting, chat members can call flow by mentioning Power Automate or posting message as Flow bot from Power Automate cloud flow.


I would like to comment again that as long as you add the Power Automate app to a chat or meeting, whether it is a group chat, a meeting chat or a 1:1 chat, you can send plain messages and Adaptive Cards as Flow bot!

Thank you for reading!