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Get Question details of Forms with Power Automate


Power Automate only allows you to get the response details using the Forms connector, it does not provide the question details of Forms survey - title, type, choices etc. .

In this post, I'll show you how to get the details of a Forms survey question in Power Automate.

Note that this is a tricky method that is not officially documented.

API to get question details

Forms API is not arrived/documented even today, but if you look at the network using the Chrome Dev tool, you will see that the following APIs retrieve the survey details :

#For group-owned form[tenantId]/groups/[groupId]/light/forms('[formId]')

#For user-owned form[tenantId]/users/[userId]/light/forms('[formId]')

*formId is in Url when opening form


More precisely, they are called with some query parameters to select/expand fields


If you need to get only questions detail, above queries can be reduced to


Response data include question detail, survey setting etc.

Call API in Power Automate

Another tricky part of calling this API in Power Automate is to use the SharePoint connector action - "Send HTTP request to SharePoint".


Using this action, you can get response with following parameters


Done! You got the question details of Forms survey, just a single action!